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France – II Course of formation for Past-Pupil Leaders

Between 30 April and 3 May at Lyon there was the second in the series of the “School of formation for leaders” open to young Salesian past-pupils from Europe. Organised by the Confederal Committee of the Don Bosco Past Pupils the event was attended by 20 young leaders from the Federations in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The course was run by the World Delegate Fr Jeronimo Monteiro and by the World Vice President of the Young Past Pupils (GEX), Ana Gomes.

Also present during these days were the National Delegates from France, Fr Paul Ripaud, from Italy, Fr Enrico Luigi Peretti and from Spain Fr Jesus Guerra, who was accompanied by the National President Mr Francisco Salazar.

During the three days’ work, those taking part studied the person of the young Don Bosco Past Pupils as someone who was able to relate to others on the basis of a rich interior life, a Christian formed at the school of Don Bosco and with a practical approach to life.

At the end of the course some working guidelines were identified for the young Leaders: a knowledge of the different situations and of the local groups; the acquisition of the skills needed to grow together, the development of the potential of each individual.

The “School of formation for leaders” of the Don Bosco Past Pupils is aimed at preparing young people to take on, with greater competence, the role of the animation of the various local, national and world federations. In the America South Cone Region they are already in the third year of this process. After the course held last year in Lisbon and this one in Lyon, Europe is preparing for a third meeting next year in Syracuse, Italy, where it is hoped by the organisers that there will be a presence of representatives from Central and North Europe. For Asia and Australia the “School of formation for leaders” is due to start after the Congress to be held in the Philippines at the beginning of December.

“This is certainly a very demanding project, one that is a concrete sign of the contribution to be made by young people for the growth of our Association,” the President of the World Confederation, Dr. Francesco Muceo said. – “I should like to thank for this the World Delegate and the Vice President of GEX who, in my absence, led the work at Lyon.”

Roma 07/05/2008

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