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Rome, 24th January 2012

Dear Presidents,

I write you to welcome this year 2012 with occasion on the publication of this new Newsletter of World Confederation – I really thank Vicepresident GEX Ángel Gudiña – which will represent a quick and useful communication tool between us and you, and the activities in your Associations and the activities developed by World Presidency. I would like to share with you someinformations of our Association.

  1. Salesian Family Days

I have taken part – together with the Treasurer Cubeta and other Past Pupils from Italy and Spain – in the Conclusion of the 30th Edition of Salesian Family Days.
On Sunday 23th January Rector Mayor has presented, during the Conclusion of this event, the new “Identity and Charismatic Letter of Salesian Family” an extremely important document to give more unity both on the internal part of the Family as for the external world to which we address and work for. We will give you more news about how to consult this document, which up to the moment it is only published in Italian.

  1. Strenna 2012

I invite you to share a deep study of Don Bosco’s life, which is the beginning of the three-year preparation programme for 2015’s anniversary of our Saint’s birth.

  1. Closure congress of World’s Confederation Centenary

We are getting closer, as you already know, to celebrate our Centenary Congress in Torino which will take place from 26th to 29th April 2012.

I ask you, particulary you dear President, to continue with your PERSONAL COMMITMENT of guaranteeing the presence of Past Pupils and Delgeates, and all together greet Don Bosco

Remember: is the first challenge! The more we are the more visible we will be! I count on you!

With this feelings, I greet you and with the soon happening of Don Bosco’s Feast, I give you my congratulations, in name of Confederal Presidency and in my name, and I wish you the best in all the events – I am sure of that – you will organize.

In Saint John Bosco.
Francesco Muceo
Wolrd Confedeartion President

Confederal President

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