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World Confederation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco

Who Are They?
An international movement of young people and adults, men and women, Past Pupils of Don Bosco. In fact the of Don Bosco' is the key to their existence, since they are members of the Salesian Family by virtue of the education they have received and their loyalty to the person of Don Bosco. The World Confederation gives an internationality and solidarity to the Association of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco in the world, beyond the distinction of race, religion, nationality and politics, promoting the on-going formation of its members and favouring the education of the young, especially the poorest, according to Don Bosco's educational method.


Are young workers, university students or professi onal people, young adults from 17-30 years of age, committed in voluntary work, in the oratories, in pastoral work for the young, in sport, in social, political education and so forth. Past Pupils of Don Bosco are in search of a better future for this world; in search also of a job, a family, a home and a community to live, not just as simple officials and employees but as free persons in association, in order to defend and put into effect the human values received through a Salesian education . For this reason they organize themselves into Local Unions to work together with the young to build a more worthy future for the human person.

Past Pupils of Don Bosco are also adults over 30 years of age, those who in the same Local Unions work together for the young; seek to consolidate their education, to develop all their possibilities.

•To exchange their experiences with other regions and countries

•To coordinate their actions and to comment publically on priorities

•To look for the means to carry out these ends

•Because they are Christians and believers, they celebrate their faith in God and in Jesus Christ; come together to celebrate their Faith through liturgy

•A Faith which urges them to seek God, and meaning in life

•A profound hope in Jesus Christ and in the faith they profess

•A commitment to freedom and enculturation

•Non-violent action

•Collaboration with the young
•An active participation in the life of the Church

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